Ethanol 95WP Clear Methylated Spirits

Ethanol 95WP Clear Methylated Spirits

Style Number: MS95WP

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Ethanol M95WP is a water white, primary, aliphatic alcohol with a mild non-residual odour and it is miscible with most hydrocarbon solvents and chemicals, and completely miscible with water. 

Used where an uncoloured, industrial grade hydrous alcohol is required. 

  • Cleans surfaces and glass, sterilises medical and dental instruments and domestic cleaning 
  • A concentration of 60% Ethanol is antibacterial
  • Can be used as Bio ethanol fuel for fires and is sometimes referred to as Burning Ethanol.
  • Has a mild non-residual odour 
  • It is used as a solvent for synthetic and natural resins, printing inks and in the manufacture of lacquers, varnishes and cleaning compounds.

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