CRC LanoCote Grease Aerosol

CRC LanoCote Grease Aerosol

Style Number: 3020CRC

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CRC LanoCote is an environmentally friendly product which exhibits superior corrosion protection and anti-seize properties. It offers outstanding, long-lasting protection in harsh conditions without compromising treated materials or harming the environment.


Blended from lanolin, an all-natural product, CRC LanoCote is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and biodegradable. It does not contain copper, lead, silicones, acids, kerosene, or dieseline and does not harm metals, plastics, paints, fibreglass, rubber, neoprene, formica and other synthetic materials.


Lanolin in naturally water-repellent, and due to its affinity to metals, CRC LanoCote forms a highly effective moisture barrier on surfaces, stays flexible and does not dry out or wash off.

  • 500ml.