Razorweld Arc180 180Amp DC Welder

Razorweld Arc180 180Amp DC Welder

Style Number: XA-ARC180RZ-K

price NZ$575.00

Representing a new generation of ulatra high efficiency 40KHz frequency IGBT inverter technology. Single PCB construction delivers a lower cost machine with higher performance and reliablity, it is robust and stacked with features that you can expect from a quality welder. 


  • New 40KHz inverter frequency
  • Single PCB construction
  • MMA Stick electrode
  • Hot start - Improves electrode starting
  • Arc Force - boosts current to precent electrode extinguishing
  • Excellent arc stability with all electrodes
  • DC Tig - Lift arc ignition prevents tungsten sticking during arc ignition
  • Ultra smooth DC tig welding current
  • Thermal overload protection
  • IP21 rating for environmental safety protection
  • Generator compatable
  • Auto compensation for voltage fluctuation
  • minimal harmonic feedback to power grid