Loctite 771 Nickel Anti Seize

Loctite 771 Nickel Anti Seize

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Loctite 771 Nickel Anti Seize is a heavy duty, high temperature, anti seize lubricant that resists galling and corrosion and reduces wear in heavy pressure applications. It contains tenacious metals, oils and graphite materials which cannot be burned away or removed by slow moving parts. It is exceptionally resistant to attack by acids, ammonia, acetylene and vinyl monomer.


Loctite 771 reduces friction for tight assembling of stainless steel threads and press fits. Allows easy disassembly of parts after exposure to corrosive or hot environments. Typical applications include lubricating drop forge dies and hammers, catalyst bed and reaction chamber supports, conveyor chains, and chemical plant bolts for pump housings and pipe flanges. It also lubricates and seals pipe threads in acid environments and coats gaskets in high temperature applications. This product is typically used in applications with an operating range of -54oC to 1315oC.


  • 500g.