Tergo Blackguard Rust Converter

Tergo Blackguard Rust Converter

Style Number: TERGORCL

from NZ$43.99 to NZ$335.00

Tergo Blackguard Rust Converter is a liquid rust converter and primer which chemically converts and passivates rust present on the surface to a black film which resists further corrosion. The vinyl acrylic copolymer employed exhibits very low permeability to water vapour and oxygen. It may be applied by spray, roller or brush.


A white paint like liquid that converts surface rust into a black film which; not only stops further corrosion but also is a primer base for the application of decorative coatings. Blackguard will cover 7-10 square meters per litre depending on the film thickness applied.


For use on rusted ferrous metals encountered in:

  • All types of road vehicles.
  • Building steelwork.
  • Bridge pylons.
  • Cranes.
  • Pipe work.
  • Shipping etc.